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With over 60yrs of experience between them, the founders and their preferred experienced team are the experts in their field and wholly understand the needs of specific regulations in wide ranging fields from HTMs of the NHS and OFSTED , multi- site operations to the local factory and HMOs.

Our team of experts have worked in a wide range of industry sectors providing the group with a vast knowledge of compliance and relulatory checks.

Helping "Responsible Persons" to comply with legislation. At AFC we inspect advise and certify areas of your responsibility within the workplace. Click each heading to see how we can help.- Allied Facilities Compliance
What Complaince Do I Need?

Our Services

At AFC we offer all aspects of Fire Door Safety and are backed by 3rd party indemnity BM TRADA Q-Mark for your peace of mind.

Fire Door Inspections
Fire doors need to periodically tested to ensure they work properly in the event of a fire or emergency. The need for this is normally but not solely highlighted in a Fire Risk Assessment. Only qualified engineers have the qualifications’ to carry this out and certify with indemnity. The regularity of inspections can vary dependant on use and location as well as the type of premisses the door is located.

Fire Door Maintenance
Fire doors should only be maintained by qualified engineers. Issues if possible should be repaired under BM TRADA Q-Mark guidelines and certified safe on completion of repair.

At AFC, we create a door schedule for your premises and identify each doors compliance. For extra piece of mind we can also hold your certificates in our online secure repository.

Fire Door Installation
A full fire door installation service is available through our BM TRADA Q-Mark recognition of competence. Incorrect installation and use of unsuitable components invalidates any certification of compliance.
Leave it to the experts.

As with all components your electric supply needs to be checked certified and maintained under the ACoP ( approved Code of Practice) now mandatory 2020-21

Why is a Condition Electrical inspection needed?

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. It is important for the person responsible for the maintenance of the installation to be sure that the safety of users is not put at risk, and that the installation continues to be in a safe and serviceable condition. 

Regulation – (BS 7671) 652.1.

We have the expertise to help you.

Your first line of defence. Fire Alarm have been required for a number of years now and technology has greatly improved their performance. However, components and panels can go wrong. Regular servicing can prevent malfunction of the system and ensure it works when required. Under the RRO ( Regulatory Reform Order 2005) the requirements states;

The UK government recommends that all fire alarm and detection systems should be installed and maintained in accordance with the relevant British Standard, BS 5839 (our guide below is based on BS 5839).

Despite the regulatory literature, as a fire safety company of many years’ standing, we know that there is often confusion around the exact requirements of UK fire alarm legislation.

We have the expertise to help you.

AFC provides a comprehensive installation and maintenance service and adheres to the “ Surveillance Code of Practice 2013 ( SCOOP).

We offer a wide range of installations to meet your needs whether it’s a full building system in secure premises or external cameras to car parks etc.

CCTV can add to the security of your business and your employees and visitors. Protecting you from intruders, theft and criminal damage. This is an increasing need and some insurance companies will give a reduction in premiums on proof of installation. We also offer a maintenance schedule to keep your system working and monitoring correctly.

We are able to visit your site for the day and carry out an audit of where you are in regards compliance.

This is important if you are the Responsible Person but unsure of your obligations. Once this is understood, we can then give you options on all or part of your needs. We understand you may have some of the compliancy covered already.

We have the expertise to help

In the event your plans for compliance are no longer relevant or lost, AFC can develop new plans to help in your compliancy. Plans can give you identifiable asset locations and help in location of tested and certified service items.

For many years now; it’s been common knowledge that the dangers of gas must be mitigated by servicing and inspections. Previously this was overseen by Corgi registered engineers but, it is now regulated by Gas Safe. 

All businesses have a legal duty to make sure that this service is carried out. This can prevent dangers to staff and users of your property but also help in minimising site downtime due to gas regulation failure. This is known as planned preventative maintenance (PPM).

# In 2019 a total of 60 people died from carbon monoxide alone.


We have the expertise to help you.

F-Gas Scheduled Statutory Inspection

F gases are fluorinated gases used in refrigerated equipment, such as an air conditioner. Some of these gases can be quite harmful to the environment and contribute to global warming. The inspection of systems ensure their safe use and their efficiency. Qualified F-Gas engineers are the only qualified individuals permitted to service and maintain Air Conditioning units which, may be used to not only cool your property but as a heat source too.

    Maintain to prevent and avoid refrigerant leaks fluorinated gases.

    Repair leaks as soon as they have been identified.

    Ensure efficiency


We have the expertise to help you.

We always recommend that your Door Entry Systems are serviced once every 12 months - this helps to act as a preventative measure reducing many of the common faults our engineers come across.

Door Access Maintenance is a key elements in ensuring any Door Entry system remains effective and trouble free in operation at all times. It is important however to test and maintain the equipment at regular intervals to make sure the system is running at its optimum capacity.

Wear and tear, old batteries, and even damp can cause an interruption in the service that your security system provides.

A minor fault could cause a major problem and that’s why our service includes the following points below.

    Ensure correct operation of intercom system

    Make sure the door and systems are functioning correctly

    Ensure correct operation of internal manual exit buttons

    Check magnetic door locks and contacts 

    Check power supplies for correct function and indication

    Check standby batteries for cleanliness and correct charge

    Check tightness of all connectors and terminals

    Ensure door locks open in the event of failure of both mains and battery power supplies

    Ensure door locks open in the event of a fire alarm activation

Taking out a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) package for your Door Entry System can give long term benefits to the customer and tenants. It will help the customer to fulfil their legal requirements for safety and ultimately reduce expenditure.

If you would like more information on Access Control systems or you would like to discuss upgrading from your current system, then please get in touch.

Servicing and maintenance

Extinguishers must be maintained in good working order. The Responsible Person should carry out monthly visual checks, but they must be serviced annually by a competent person. A basic service should include checking it is in date, hasn’t been tampered with, is in good working order, with correct weight and pressure and has the correct signage and positioning.

Any physical maintenance that is required will be reported to the Responsible Person.


UK fire extinguisher regulations recommend that extinguishers should be replaced or given an extended service/overhaul every 5 years. CO2 extinguishers should be replaced every 10 years, unless they are damaged or have been discharged. No extinguisher must ever be more than 20 years old.

We can also advise via British Standards what signage is required for your building as part of our visit.

What the Law says;

    Where appropriate, equipping the building with fire fighting equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers and/or fire suppression and extinguishing systems) and fire detectors and fire alarms. - The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Part 2, Article 13

( Fire Risk Assessment’s) carried out by a qualified assessor. (RRO). We have the expertise to help you

Fire dampers are designed for the purpose of preventing the spread of flames across a rated barrier. A fire damper is installed within the duct where the duct intersects the barrier. They operate using a heat sensitive device that, when activated, melts and causes the damper components to close.

Survey - The first action is to survey and identify fire dampers in your building. If fully known and mapped out this will not be necessary.

Inspection - A full inspection on the operation on your fire dampers would be carried out and a report produced to include a drop test and reset if necessary.

Pest control plays a critical role in ensuring businesses achieve compliance and minimise pest infestations risks. Ensuring that your Business is adhering to the statutory and regulatory requirements of the Sector in which you operate is crucial. All pest control operatives from Technicians to Field Biologists are highly trained and can provide a full range of bespoke services. Understanding industry requirements and delivering tailored programmes, not only to provide crucial and effective services, but also audit compliance, is our speciality.


Accreditations of our Allied team.

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